If you haven't been over on our Facebook Page, you won't know about this yet. We have selected 6 Parent Reviewers, all with cloth diapering experience, all with different sizes and ages of babies to give this diaper a test drive and report back to us.  EasyFits will be landing on doorsteps across the country starting on Tuesday. Watch our Facebook page for photos and reviews, coming shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the video and if you have any questions about the EasyFit (8-35lbs) or it's little sister the TiniFit (5-12lbs), drop us a line at customercare@blog.newandgreen.com Update August 29th:  Reviews
From Jessica, one of our Newborn Reviewers:

We've been using the EasyFits for a few times now. Our Miss H is 6 weeks old 10 lb just looks so cute in it! There is never a leak yet and I don't believe we will get any! The legs fit snugly! I love how easy it is to just toss to the washer without shaking out insert. Oh and how soft it is on her bum!

From Miranda, one of our Toddler Reviewers:

During the day the Easyfits are great. I can go out without worrying about leaks and don't have to worry about unstuffing them in the middle of wherever I am changing him as they unstuff themselves in the wash. We haven't had any problems with staining on these diapers, even with runny poops where they have stained others.

From Meaghan, one of our Older Baby Reviewers:

I like how easy it is to get a snug fit with these. With other diapers I have found myself undoing and redoing the velcro a couple of times to ensure a good fit, but this one seems to get it right the first time every time.

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