We’ve all been there – who among us hasn’t used Ziplocs or plastic grocery bags to schlep home our dirty nappies? But plastic has its limits and is environmentally unfriendly in the long term. What to do? While plastic is great in a pinch, an honest-to-goodness wetbag makes a huge difference – and they keep their value long after your last child is out of diapers. Wetbags and diaper totes are exactly what they sound like – bags to carry wet items. They come in various sizes, offer various closures, and have various designs. During the diapering years, wetbags make a big difference in being able to easily (and fashionably!) carry your dirty diapers while out and about – they are truly an indispensable tool. They will be one of the hardest working members of your cloth diaper family. We definitely recommend having two or three on hand so that you always have a clean one to toss in the diaper bag while the others are in the wash. As your children transition out of diapers, a wetbag is easy to carry with you in case your child needs to change clothes. Later, they work fabulously for wet swimming suits, dirty laundry on sleepovers and road trips, or even an emergency travel pillow on an airplane. You can even use them yourself for gym clothes! Basically, a wetbag is a sturdy, long-term use item that will long outlive its diapering duties. Here is a rundown of the Bummis Fab Wet Bag sizes and potential diaper-related functionailty:
  • Bummis Small Fab Wet Bag - great for 1-3 diapers, or a bunch of wipes or a clean diaper, wipe and outfit change, has a zipper closure and snapped webbing handle to hang it on handles and hooks of all sorts.
  • Bummis Medium Fab Wet Bag - as above, but will hold 4-6 diapers.  This would be great if the intention is longer out trips, overnights or if you plan to use this later for daycare.  One to store clean gear and one to store dirties.
Other than diaper duty, what have you used your wetbag for? Share your experiences and inspire other moms! Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash