Though words like “champ” and “genie” fill our lexicon when it comes to baby registries and diapering discussions, thankfully when it comes to cloth diapering, no specially-designed equipment is required. Basically, all you need is a pail or a bag large enough to hold 2-3 days worth of dirties that has a way to close. Any mass merchandiser, house wares shop, or hardware store should have a variety of suitable pails or bins for just a few $$$. So, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you choose the pail that’ll be most suitable for your family: Where will the pail be in the house? Size matters. Come to think of it, shape matters too. A round pail or an rectangular flip top pail will each fit differently in different spaces. You could also forego a pail altogether and just use an extra-large hanging wetbag on a doorknob, a hook, or the end of the change table if you don’t have floor space for a pail. Or have a mixture of both – keep a hanging wetbag in the washroom for the times you need to flush the poop and a diaper pail next to the change table for all the non-poopy changes. Change it up according to what works for you. Is there more than one child in diapers? How big the container is matters too – especially if you’ve got more than one in diapers. Keep in mind that it just needs to hold as many diapers as you go through between laundry washes – 24 if you have only one child and wash every two days, 48 if you have two, etc. Choose your lid wisely. The lid is an integral part of this system (or the zipper or drawstring on your hanging bag). A good closure not only keeps odours at bay while still allowing you easy access to the pail during a diaper change, it will keep you and your family safe and happy. For example, if there are older children or pets who could get into the pail, a flip-lid can may not be the best option for you, while a plastic garbage can with locking handles to keep the lid on tight may be just the ticket. Also, if a large plastic tote with a very secure locking lid is frustrating to get into after every diaper change and thus doesn’t get used, a different type of pail may make your experience with cloth diapering much more pleasant. It all depends on your own family’s needs and preferences… As with all things in cloth diapering, we hope this will help you figure out what works for YOU! Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash