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Pocket Diapers

Pocket cloth diapers consist of an outer shell with a fleece layer inside that has an opening at one side. You take an insert and stuff it into the pocket area for absorbency. The fleece layer provides a stay-dry barrier to keep baby dry.

AppleCheeks Envelope Diaper Cover

*Note: Inserts sold separately. The Apple Cheeks Envelope Covers come in two sizes, designed to fit babies of all sizes! Size 1 Apple Cheeks envelope covers fit babies from approximately... Learn More


BumGenius Original One-Size Cloth Diaper 5.0

The original bumGenius pocket design released in 2005, put bumGenius on the map as one of the best-selling cloth diapers in the world — and this top-rated cloth diaper just... Learn More


Sold Out

Mini Kiwi One Size Pocket Diaper

This snap closing pocket diaper has 2 colors of snaps; one color is for adjusting the size of your diaper, and the other color is for ensuring a snug, secure... Learn More


Rumparooz G2 One-Size Cloth Diapers - Snap

The Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper is four diaper sizes in ONE diaper. The Rumparooz will fit most babies at any size between birth (size newborn, 6 lbs) up... Learn More


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